AT&T Needs to Address iPhone Spectrum Woes

July 19, 2010

The one thing missing from an otherwise excellent breakdown of AT&T’s iPhone woes by Wired today is a detailed explanation of why Ma Bell’s antiquated backhaul infrastructure and lack of available wireless spectrum are the main reasons why AT&T couldn’t cope with the iPhone data demands.

We’ve heard all about how the unprecendented data surge caught AT&T unawares, even though its top executives once claimed that handling the iPhone’s demands wouldn’t be a problem. A couple years later, and the company still hasn’t gotten things right. Don’t shareholders, investors, partners and customers demand a better explanation than a vague promise to move heaven and earth to fix the problems? How long will such data-free answers suffice?

We’ll know more when AT&T holds its quarterly conference call this Thursday — as in, we’ll know if Ma Bell is going to provide real answers, or perform more duck and hide.