Sidecut Consumer Guide to WiMax: Now Free!

December 7, 2008

Want a detailed explanation of the recent launch of WiMax services in Baltimore, and how WiMax’s combination of speed, mobility, and innovative pricing might satisfy the growing consumer demand for an always-on Internet experience? Then download the Sidecut Reports Consumer Guide to WiMax, now available for FREE DOWNLOAD right here on our site.

Prepared in an easy-to-read style with deep background material for those who may not have understood WiMax before, the 22-page report provides a thorough explanation of the technology, devices, applications and consumer use of the country’s newest form of wireless broadband access service. As the new Clearwire starts rolling out its service markets in 2009, consumers and small business users alike can use the guide to help determine how they might best take advantage of the introduction of “4G” wireless Internet access when it comes to their hometown.

The free report download also serves as the official kickoff for the Sidecut Reports WiMaxWeek weekly newsletter, a convenient way to stay abreast of all our blog posts from the week, as well as top WiMax news from across the Web and special offers from Sidecut Reports. Stay tuned for more news from Sidecut Reports and our plans for 2009, which is shaping up to be a big year for WiMax in the U.S. marketplace.

FCC Approves Clearwire-Sprint Merger, 5-0

November 4, 2008

In the first unanimous result of election day, the FCC has apparently approved the pending Clearwire-Sprint WiMax merger, meaning the only obstacles left are the shareholder votes, which are already scheduled for later this month.

More info as press releases become available, plus perhaps some thoughts on the FCC’s approval of unlicensed use of the so-called “white spaces” for broadband access. For some good deep analysis of white spaces, see Drew Clark’s coverage.

UPDATE: Google co-founder Larry Page weighs in on the white spaces vote, which Google had promoted.

UPDATE 2: More good analysis from Stacey H over at GigaOM, including details on the Verizon-Alltel merger, which was also approved by the commission.

UPDATE 3: Seems like investors approve, too, as both Sprint and Clearwire stock prices go up.