Could Twitter + Mobile Phones Kill ESPN?

August 18, 2011

Editor’s note: Here is a sneak preview of the new site we have been working on here at Sidecut Labs, something we call Mobile Sports Report. It is a work in progress but one whose time has come… stay tuned!

Seeing the news today about ESPN teaming up with Foursquare to provide a platform for fans at events is evidence that The Mother Ship of sports is doing all it can to keep astride of the latest trends. But as our purposely provacative headline asks, is there a new “broadcast” paradigm emerging that could allow Twitter and fans on mobile phones to become the dominant method of disseminating sports news, opinions and information?

Before you dismiss the idea as crazy, remember that when ESPN debuted in 1979 it was seen as a place where you could watch Australian Rules football and exercise videos. Nobody at the time was guessing that ESPN would eventually replace the major networks or newspapers atop the sports-media scene, but some 30-plus years later that has come to pass.

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The FCC Starts Blogging, Twittering

August 18, 2009

Here are a couple moves showing how the FCC is trying to catch up to the industry it supposedly regulates: The FCC now has its own blog, and will be on Twitter as @fccdotgov.

Those of us who were lucky enough to be on the email list for missives from Stifel, Nicolaus the past few years know that new broadband-plan chief Blair Levin, among his many skills, is a fine and humorous writer — should make for good reading on the FCC blog, which is called Blogband.