Super Bowl to be Streamed Online by NBC

December 21, 2011

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In a huge decision that will no doubt increase the worldwide audience for the most-viewed live event, NBC will stream the Super Bowl online along with broadcasts of the network’s Wild Card playoff games and the NFL Pro Bowl, according to an Associated Press report. Users of Verizon Wireless’s NFL Mobile app will also have access to the games, along with additional camera views and in-game replays.

Forget college games — there’s no doubt that even with its already huge TV audience, the Super Bowl would likely become the most-viewed online sports event ever, even if it’s just on a laptop or phone in the bathroom of the house hosting the Super Bowl party. Though we haven’t yet been able to find any press releases from all the participating companies we are also betting that Verizon will use the Super Bowl access in a massive way to promote its NFL Mobile app, which it has been offering free of charge to new high-end cellphone customers. NFL Mobile users currently can watch NBC’s Sunday night games live, along with Thursday night NFL Network broadcasts and ESPN’s Monday Night Football games.

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Donovan: AT&T has ‘Hundreds’ Working on DAS

March 22, 2011

ORLANDO, Fla. — Remember that outdoor distributed antenna system (DAS) AT&T wants to deploy in Palo Alto that we told you about earlier this month? At the CTIA Wireless show here Tuesday AT&T chief technology officer John Donovan confirmed that Ma Bell has a new team focused solely on DAS deployments, with a headcount in the hundreds.

“I won’t tell you exactly how many, but we do have hundreds of people working on DAS [deployments],” said Donovan in a brief interview following one of his many panel appearances Tuesday. According to Donovan AT&T already has several DAS deployments operational, including another outdoor one in Chicago where the small DAS antennas are attached to light poles.

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Some Geeky Super Bowl Questions

February 3, 2008

Completely off topic, but on Super Bowl Sunday I think it is appropriate to ask why the cash-rich entity known as the National Football League still operates with medevial technologies, especially in places where a little silicon could go a long way.

Sure, the TV audience has it great, with the on-screen first down line being perhaps the world’s best marriage of technology and television. There’s also Instant Replay, which you could argue has made the game better or worse. Either way, it’s fun to watch. But with all its gazillions in TV income, I wonder why the NFL still does troglodyte things like using steel chains to measure first downs, just one of several luddite-like practices I’ve thought about while watching games this season. Couldn’t some combination of GPS and embeddable chips, or a sophisticated heat beam (known as a “laser“) do a better job of placing the ball? Or should thousands of dollars in wagers continue to rely upon the actions of a bunch of guys who you wouldn’t trust to level a picture in your house? Just askin’.

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