DAS Mateo! Spotted in the Wild, a DAS Antenna From… AT&T?

January 14, 2012

A little weekend geekspotting: Driving down the road near my house Friday, what did I see but a DAS antenna staring down at me! Seriously, we have previously reported AT&T’s moves to put DAS — Distributed Antenna System, or smaller cell antennas — in and around Palo Alto, and then we saw one at an AT&T workyard near here. But this one is apparently live and in the public wild, theoretically improving local cell reception.

Anyone know if AT&T is working with San Mateo to put these puppies in? If you didn’t know what you were looking for I am not sure you’d notice this one, a single antenna plopped right on top of a light pole.

AT&T’s DAS Antenna: Caught In the Wild

May 3, 2011

You need to be sufficiently geeky and somewhat of a wireless nerd to know an outdoor DAS (distributed antenna system) antenna when you see one. But we were pretty sure that we had seen one of the antennas AT&T is proposing to use in Palo Alto, sitting atop a utility pole here in Sidecut Reports’ home turf of San Mateo. A call to AT&T’s local PR folks confirmed the DAS device, and they were nice enough to let us in to the local AT&T work yard (where the trucks roll from) to take some pictures of the experimental DAS antenna “in the wild.”

Outdoor DAS antenna, AT&T work yard, San Mateo, Calif. Credit: Sidecut Reports.

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