New Report: Learn Why Verizon’s 4G LTE Isn’t Selling Like the iPhone

December 23, 2011

Just in time for some holiday break reading we introduce the Sidecut Reports 4G LTE MARKET REPORT for January, 2012. In this thorough, 16-page packet of goodness we break down why Verizon’s shiny new 4G LTE network hasn’t attracted the same crowds of customers as that slow, poky, 3G device known as the iPhone. And here’s our gift to you: This report can be purchased now, from our site, for the low low cost of just $1.99. That’s right, for the same price as a bottle of Two-buck Chuck you can guzzle down a boatload of news and analysis guaranteed to bring you right up to speed on all the details of Verizon’s 4G LTE rollout, even if you haven’t really been paying attention. (In fact we suggest you spend $4 and get one of each, and drink one while you read the other. Now that’s getting in the holiday “spirit!”)

Included alongside our breakdown of Verizon’s year of LTE is insight into the fledgling LTE efforts of AT&T and Sprint Nextel, along with some predictions on how the LTE market in the U.S. will shake out over the critical first six months of 2012. Devices, prices, data plans, it’s all in here — so get your copy today!

SIDECUT FOR THE IPHONE! Hey iPhone users — want to read this report as an ePub document? Then get over to Lulu and purchase a copy there! (iTunes store link to come). Price is $2.99, just like the Kindle price. An extra buck for the e-convenience.

ALSO: Kindle fans can purchase a Kindle copy of the report on Amazon’s site — though you will pay an extra buck for the convenience. Click here to buy a Kindle copy.

Verizon Buys Cableco Spectrum; Sidecut Reports is Not Surprised

December 2, 2011

The news that Verizon had struck a deal to buy up AWS spectrum from the cable companies may have come as a big surprise to a lot of industry followers, but Sidecut Reports readers have been primed for something like this for a long time. You can search back through the archives — but in 2009, we asked if there was a looming LTE spectrum crisis; and earlier this year we told you that Verizon’s spectrum position was going to come under strain soon. Though Verizon folks had told us privately this spring that they thought they had enough spectrum for the foreseeable future, apparently things have changed.

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Sprint Rescues Clearwire; Remember, This ‘Failed’ Duo Still Leads 4G Market Race

December 1, 2011

With today’s news about Sprint agreeing to provide $1.6 billion in operating funds to 4G network partner Clearwire, it looks like the death of their pioneering high-speed wireless network will continue to be highly exaggerated.

I would normally spend more time arguing this point, but — with a new project on my hands — I will remain brief here. What I would like to see out of those who cover topics telecom, however, is more sticking to the facts on the ground and less glib comments that only serve to cloud the picture.

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