Clearwire’s New Chairman: A Trusted McCaw Ally

January 18, 2011

Founder Craig McCaw may have resigned as chairman of WiMAX provider Clearwire, but don’t doubt that his influence is still being felt there. The company announced today that board member and longtime wireless industry exec (and key McCaw ally) John Stanton was elected as chairman of the board, thereby guaranteeing that McCaw will at the very least have a close ally at the top of the company he helped found.

Sam Churchill over at has a good thorough writeup of the Stanton move with some pertinent links. What we are watching for at Clearwire is the re-emergence of dealmaker Ben Wolff, the company’s first CEO and the mastermind (from what we have heard) of the complex financial investment deal that birthed the new Clearwire in the first place. Can Wolff, who convinced players like Intel, Comcast and Google to invest a combined $3.2 billion in Clearwire back in 2008, work his dealmaking magic again? That’s the billion-dollar question around Clearwire these days.