Ortiva Wireless Seeks Opportunity in 4G Video Enablement

May 9, 2011

Editor’s note: This is the first in a new series of company profiles about service providers, application developers and equipment manufacturers in the 4G video marketplace. Today’s profile is of Ortiva Wireless, which makes networking gear designed to give service providers better control over video content for wireless networks.

If there is a gold mine in the forthcoming future of 4G wireless networks, it will probably revolve around video. There’s not a single ad or commercial for any new smartphone or tablet that doesn’t include some kind of promotion showing how good the device is at giving you video on the go. And it makes sense, since everybody loves video. Who doesn’t want to watch as much video as possible, wherever they go?

Of course, anyone familiar with the opex side of the house knows that for many service providers the lure of profits via video may contain some fool’s good. That is, something that looks good but isn’t so valuable — in this case simply because of the high costs and extensive operational management involved with bringing time-sensitive, high-bandwidth streams to a small device that may be always on the move.

With 4G networks in their infancy that means there is still plenty of room in this mine-full of golden metaphors for pick-and-shovel purveyors, those who would provide the tools to help service providers dig out the value that video presents. That’s the basic business model for a startup called Ortiva Wireless, whose Internet video optimization gateway (or iVOG for short) is designed to let operators improve their customers’ wireless video experience, while reducing costs and management problems for the service provider.

The Ortiva Wireless iVOG chassis. Credit: Ortiva Wireless.

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