Monday’s Wireless News Headlines

January 19, 2009

Some nuggets of news from around the web on this holiday workaday:

Cell Meltdown for Inauguration? With all the BlackBerrys and iPhones in D.C., some fear a cellular meltdown for Tuesday’s inauguration.

How Much for Broadband Stimulus? Of course when the cell network goes fizzle that means Congress will instantly approve more funds for broadband buildouts. That would be the good news/bad news thing.

Clearwire Conflict of Interest on Transition Team?
Keeping with our D.C. theme today Ars Technica looks at whether or not Clearwire exec Gerry Salemme gave his company an unfair boost by helping with the Obama team’s wishes to delay the DTV transition. So far, still just questions and no answers.

Kevin Martin Rides Into the Sunset:
Our good pal Drew Clark writes about the resignation of the FCC chairman. Tests Out Sprint’s Hybrid 3G/4G Card (video):
A quick and favorable look at Sprint’s 3G and 4G services. Not much depth to this report but another proof point for WiMax.