Ciena and Clearwire: Together in WiMax

July 21, 2009

Dan Jones over at Unstrung details the use of Ciena equipment by Clearwire, and we have proof from our Vegas geek tower tour Tuesday:

Step one, you open the box:

Now find the Ciena gear! (Hint: think Blue)

Here’s the tower the box supports. Not much gear for a typical wireless tower… part of the WiMax advantage over other cellular technologies.

Clearwire Portland Photo Album

January 26, 2009

If you’re ready to WiMax out a bit, please join us on a photo tour from our geek tour of some of Clearwire’s Portland, Ore., tower sites — some visual info that may help you understand why WiMax has a cost-of-deployment advantage over other wireless technologies.

Or, you may just like looking at towers, boxes and fiber. Either way, on to the tour:

Here’s a shot of an entire Clearwire tower equipment box — small enough to mount on a telephone pole.

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