Scoble: Why Tech Blogging Has Failed

July 22, 2008

Interesting post today from Robert Scoble, who rambles on with a bunch of reasons why he thinks tech blogging has failed, claiming he’s guilty as charged on some of his “fail” points.

While I think that tech bloggers in specific areas are still providing the best coverage, Scoble is right on when he says the mainstream or A-list of tech bloggers spend too much time chasing their own tails or the obvious headline of the day. Partly I think this is due to the overwhelming business-case need to get viewer traffic, to satisfy advertiser page-view needs. As I said before, that’s a game Sidecut Reports doesn’t want to play, and why instead we are charging money for our reports.

Given that tech blogging is also having problems lately with disclosure and ethics, I think there need to be new models to help separate what’s worthy from the rest. Let’s see if Sidecut Reports is one that works.

Back to Work! (thanks Andy)

January 13, 2008

Man, just when you thought you could take a break again here come the nice words of praise from Mr. VoIP himself, Andy Abramson. Sure, go ahead and point people to the new site when there’s nothing happening there! Nothing like a friendly kick in the pants to get ya blogging again.

If you’ve poked around here a bit you are probably getting the idea that Sidecut Reports will eventually be something more than blog posts about scoring sweet parking at the Palazzo to avoid the CES crowds (FYI, the parking worked Tuesday and Wednesday as well). You can stay tuned by subscribing to the RSS feed here, or you can shoot me an email to sidecutreports at gmail dot com and I will personally alert you to any major annoucements/news/sports predictions. (Still working on getting an email subscription list together; like the Palazzo, there are still guys wandering around Sidecut HQ with cordless drills but the doors are open so c’mon in.)

On the casual blogging front, I am interested to see what really happens this week at MacWorld; I find this report of a WiMAX-enabled MacBook hard to swallow, especially since Intel isn’t even promising WiMAX PC cards or chips until mid-summer at best. A better guess might be 3G inside, as others have suggested. Can’t wait to hear.

As Andy noted, I will also be continuing to pinch-hit in the GigaOM lineup for the near future, concentrating on matters telecom and policy so feel free to keep me updated about any news, announcements or rumors in that arena to that email address, sidecutreports (all one word) at gmail dot com.

Get Better Soon, Om

January 5, 2008

In case you haven’t heard (or been on TechMeme for the last 48 hours), blogger extraordinaire Om Malik is recovering from a heart attack. Having been part of the GigaOM team last year, I know firsthand how hard Om works and hope he can put just as much intensity into getting better as he does into blogging. Kick back a bit, big guy, you’ve earned it.

(On a related note, you may see my byline cropping back up at GigaOM, as I help them out with telecom-related coverage. Send any announcements, news and tips to me here at sidecutreports at gmail dot com.)