AT&T DevCon Takeaways: Our Videoblog with Light Reading

January 13, 2012

Light Reading Editor in Chief Phil Harvey and yours truly wax philosophical about AT&T’s Developer Summit in Las Vegas earlier this week. Gotta love my forgot-the-hair-gel look. But then my hair is always going to finish second to Phil’s ‘do. Anyway. Enjoy.

Mr. Vegas in the House at CES: Rocking AT&T 4G LTE

January 8, 2012

Our thanks to the nice folks at AT&T who lent us a Wi-Fi hotspot to test out here at CES in Vegas. Even inside the plush Sidecut/Mobile Sports Report suite/HQ we are getting a rocking 7.81 Mbps download speed:

Thanks AT&T! See you all at the AT&T dev summit tomorrow.

Sprint Announces Initial LTE Markets; Still Trailing Verizon, AT&T

January 6, 2012

The followers in the Long Term Evolution (LTE) market were active newsmakers this week, first with AT&T’s announcement of new live LTE markets, then with Sprint naming four of the 10 markets it plans to offer LTE in next year. Given that an LTE phone from either AT&T or Sprint is going to be severely limited in its first iterations (due to the limited live markets you could use it in), what is the point of the carriers making LTE noise so far in advance?

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