WSJ: Only 5 Percent of Verizon Customers on 4G LTE

February 27, 2012

Now where have we heard that before? The Wall Street Journal today just noticed something Sidecut Reports readers have known for months now — that Verizon’s 4G LTE network isn’t exactly drawing sellout crowds of customers.

Here’s the link to today’s WSJ blog. And here’s where you can order our report, which spelled this situation out months ago. Still relevant now, and still affordable at $1.99!

Sidecut Reports, Now in the Nook Store!

January 25, 2012

I kid you not. Have a Barnes & Noble Nook and are looking for some LTE content to peruse? All you need to do is hit the Nook Bookstore and type “Sidecut LTE” in the search field and you will find us there, ready to fill your noggin with news and analysis with our 4G LTE Market Report for January, 2012.

Today’s news about Verizon selling 1.6 million 4G LTE phones is anticipated and explained in the report — for $2.99 put it in your Nook, it’s like a book, you can share it in a box with a fox. No rhymes, just a lot of reason. And I am outta here before I defile the memory of Dr. Seuss any further.

(Our thanks to the folks at Lulu for their e-book distribution system. Thumbs up from Sidecut Reports!)

Did Verizon Finally Sell More 4G Phones Than Sprint? Apparently So

January 24, 2012

It looks like Sprint’s strategic decision to focus on the iPhone has finally allowed Verizon Wireless to sell more 4G phones than Sprint, according to financial numbers released Tuesday. According to Verizon the company sold 1.6 million 4G LTE smartphones during the quarter, as well as another 700,000 4G devices like USB modems and Wi-Fi hotspots. And while Sprint never calls out its 4G numbers its 4G partner Clearwire today pre-announced some Q4 metrics including 900,000 new 4G wholesale activations, which you can pretty much translate into being mostly Sprint 4G smartphones and a small number of other devices, like hotspots and USBs.

(Editor’s note: You won’t find the 4G LTE device breakout numbers in the Verizon press release; the numbers were discussed during the conference call, and a quote with the figures was provided to us by Verizon.)

What’s the 30-second analysis on all this? Sidecut Reports sticks by the premise of our latest report, the 4G LTE Market Report for January, 2012, in which we conclude that 4G LTE phone sales for all providers, including Verizon, are going to stay essentially flat until we see an LTE-capable Apple iPhone hit the market. As proof of the iPhone’s continuing popularity look no farther than Verizon’s Q4 numbers: 4.3 million iPhone activations vs. 1.6 million 4G LTE phone activations. Almost a 3-to-1 preference for the 3G iPhone vs. any 4G LTE choice.

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