Sidecut Reports, Now Available in the iBookstore!

January 13, 2012

If you’ve got an iTunes account, congratulations — you can now more easily purchase a Sidecut Report, our new 4G LTE Market Report for January, 2012. Just download iTunes, go to the iTunes store and search “LTE” and check the results under Books — you’ll find our red-covered report if you scroll down a bit.

It’s a buck more when purchased on iTunes (gotta pay the middlemen) but at $2.99 it’s still a bargain and it gets you up to speed on the speediest wireless networks in town — LTE. Get your copy for your iPad today and start Sidecutting — iBookstore style!

AT&T DevCon Takeaways: Our Videoblog with Light Reading

January 13, 2012

Light Reading Editor in Chief Phil Harvey and yours truly wax philosophical about AT&T’s Developer Summit in Las Vegas earlier this week. Gotta love my forgot-the-hair-gel look. But then my hair is always going to finish second to Phil’s ‘do. Anyway. Enjoy.

Mr. Vegas in the House at CES: Rocking AT&T 4G LTE

January 8, 2012

Our thanks to the nice folks at AT&T who lent us a Wi-Fi hotspot to test out here at CES in Vegas. Even inside the plush Sidecut/Mobile Sports Report suite/HQ we are getting a rocking 7.81 Mbps download speed:

Thanks AT&T! See you all at the AT&T dev summit tomorrow.