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Welcome to the October, 2009 installment of our “Clearwire Need To Know,” or Clearwire NTK, Research Series. The NTK Series provides quarterly updates on all things related to Clearwire Corp.’s nascent WiMAX services, including market launches, pricing schemes, WiMAX device availability and recent business deals from the company building a nationwide WiMAX network.

The Clearwire NTK reports are designed to give anyone interested in Clearwire the most thorough and up-to-date package of news, analysis and short-term outlooks available, in a format designed for easy reading. Much more comprehensive than short blog posts — and much more timely and economic than thousand-dollar traditional analyst reports — our Clearwire NTK reports are “right-sized research” for busy professionals who want to stay as current as possible on all things Clearwire. If you are interested in Clearwire, here is everything you NEED TO KNOW. For the second quarter in a row.

Topping out at just over 3,000 words — like those good old feature stories that most tech publishers don’t have the space or author experience to provide any more, our Clearwire NTK reports are available in form factors designed for your convenience, from PDF downloads for your desktop, laptop or netbook, or in formats suitable for reading on your Kindle bookreader or iPhone.

All NTK reports will be priced at just $4.95 — that’s no typo, but yes, Four dollars and ninety-five cents. So for less than the price of a beer at a Sprint Nextel NASCAR race, anyone interested in Clearwire — from investors to partners to resellers, competitors and most importantly, end users — can have the right information you need, right now, at the right price. Order your report now!

In the October 2009 Clearwire NTK report you will learn:

– Why the Atlanta and Las Vegas market launches, and follow-on launches in smaller cities, have helped Clearwire move from a will-they-ever-arrive to a serious competitor in U.S. broadband markets;

– Why Comcast’s decision to start reselling Clearwire services may have helped Clearwire’s stock price more than double from March to August;

– Why Clearwire is offering discounts and service-price promotions, due to competition from cellular-based offerings like Apple’s iPhone 3 GS;

– Why the cool, small and portable Samsung Mondi mobile Internet device is overpriced and unsuited for Clearwire’s current target market;

– Why Clearwire’s vast spectrum holdings may (finally) help put an end to the aimless speculation about whether or not the company will be able to attract enough capital to finance its aggressive buildout;

– Plus, fun photos from the Las Vegas launch!

The new report is available for immediate download from for $4.95. Order your copy today!

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