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In “Goin’ Mobile: How WiMax Could Change the Consumer Broadband Experience,” Sidecut Reports looks in detail at the recent market launches of Clearwire’s “Clear” WiMax services in Portland, Ore., Atlanta and Las Vegas, and how WiMax’s combination of speed, mobility, and innovative pricing might satisfy the growing consumer demand for an always-on Internet experience.

Prepared in an easy-to-read style with deep background material for those who may not have understood WiMax before, the report provides a thorough explanation of the technology, devices, applications and consumer use of the country’s newest form of wireless broadband access service. Order your report now!

In the new report you will learn:

– Which cites Clearwire plans to launch more WiMax services in this year, including Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia and Dallas/Fort Worth

– What the technology called “WiMax” is, and how it differs from home broadband services like DSL and cable modem, or cellular wireless data networks like those used by the Apple iPhone 3GS

– How WiMax’s ability to keep users connected while mobile might empower new “local nomads” who want to take their Internet connectivity with them from home, to work and on their commutes

– How new pricing plans that include day passes and single bills for combined home and mobile services could help consumers lower their Internet access costs

The report also takes a look at the devices currently offered to connect to WiMax networks, and what the future might hold should WiMax connectivity find its way into consumer electronics or even automobiles.

The new report is available for immediate download from for $4.95, or in Kindle format from the Amazon store (search for “Sidecut Reports.”).

Cost: $4.95 USD

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