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The Sidecut Reports 4G LTE MARKET REPORT for January, 2012, takes a thorough look at the state of the 4G LTE market in the U.S., with a full analysis of why consumers aren’t yet flocking to Verizon’s fast new network — and why Verizon may still “Rule the Air” thanks to its aggressive LTE rollout. In addition to a full recap of Verizon’s first year of LTE service, the report will also break down the LTE efforts of main competitors AT&T and Sprint, with a look toward how the competitors stack up for 2012.

Prepared in an easy-to-read style with background material for those who may not have understood LTE or 4G wireless before, the report also provides a breakdown on capabilities of devices and data-download pricing plans for the Verizon LTE network. The report is available now for immediate download for the price of $1.99.

In the new report you will learn:

– Why “iPhone Inertia” may be partially responsible for the relatively slow uptake of LTE devices

- Why a lack of a compelling “4G only” application has also kept consumers from moving quickly to an LTE device

- How competition has already resulted in LTE device price cuts and more-forgiving data download plans

- Why Verizon’s aggressive deployment of LTE still means it may “Rule the Air” against its main competitors AT&T and Sprint, especially throughout 2012

Price: $1.99 USD

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