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The Sidecut Reports Mobile Data Explosion report takes a deep-dive look into the recent spike in wireless Internet use, spurred on by the arrival of powerful “superphones” like the Apple iPhone and by bandwidth-chomping devices like laptop modems and netbooks with built-in cellular connectivity. The report also explores the rise of usage of mobile applications, and looks ahead to see which carriers’ national networks are best prepared to handle the continued rising demand for mobile broadband services.

Prepared in an easy-to-read style with deep background material for those who might not be familiar with wireless network underpinnings, the report provides a thorough explanation of how the mobile data explosion occurred, what service providers face in the short and long term, and whether or not there is adequate wireless spectrum available to handle the expected continuing surge in mobile data use. There is no charge for downloading the report.

In the new report you will learn:

– Why the iPhone and its ability to host numerous applications was the spark in the explosion of mobile data usage over the past few years

– Why results from initial implementations of 4G networks seem to prove the theory that if you give users faster speeds and more bandwidth, they will increase their Internet use

– Why the exploding use of mobile Internet services is causing a “spectrum crisis” for other wireless providers, but not for national WiMAX provider Clearwire and its partners

– How different service providers are preparing for a future where even more applications, devices and users will connect to the Internet in a mobile, wireless fashion

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