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The Sidecut Reports Inside Clearwire: A Network Report takes a deep-dive look into the network behind the nation’s nascent WiMAX network, examining how its innovative use of microwave backhaul, its commitment to open networking standards and its use of spectrum depth may serve as a model for 4G service provider deployments of the future.

Prepared in an easy-to-read style with deep background material for those who may not have understood WiMAX before, the report provides a thorough explanation of the design of Clearwire’s internal networks, how different technologies affect its deployment, and how cost savings can be achieved by adhering to an open-Internet idea. The report is based on extensive interviews with Clearwire’s chief technology officer, Dr. John Saw, as well as representatives from Clearwire suppliers Motorola and Cisco.

In the new report you will learn:

– How Clearwire’s emphasis on using microwave backhaul gives it a cost-savings and flexibility of deployment edge over traditional wireline systems

– Why using an open-standards approach to infrastructure allows Clearwire to select “best of breed” suppliers and avoid monopoly lock-ins

– How Clearwire’s spectrum portfolio gives it room for future bandwidth demands while keeping tower-site expenditures to a minimum

– How Clearwire’s current network infrastructure decisions might lead to a more open environment for device and application development in the future

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