Sidecut Reports, Now in the Nook Store!

January 25, 2012

I kid you not. Have a Barnes & Noble Nook and are looking for some LTE content to peruse? All you need to do is hit the Nook Bookstore and type “Sidecut LTE” in the search field and you will find us there, ready to fill your noggin with news and analysis with our 4G LTE Market Report for January, 2012.

Today’s news about Verizon selling 1.6 million 4G LTE phones is anticipated and explained in the report — for $2.99 put it in your Nook, it’s like a book, you can share it in a box with a fox. No rhymes, just a lot of reason. And I am outta here before I defile the memory of Dr. Seuss any further.

(Our thanks to the folks at Lulu for their e-book distribution system. Thumbs up from Sidecut Reports!)

AT&T: All 4G Phone Users Need $45, 4GB Plan to use Mobile Hotspot UPDATE: Make that $50, 5 GB

January 17, 2012

Editor’s note: Conspiracy theorists, start your engines. Just a few days after we noticed AT&T’s switch to make its smartphone customers pay $45 a month for a 4 GB data plan AT&T announced a further change that would mirror Verizon’s plan and now require a $50, 5 GB plan to use that mobile hotspot feature on your phone. All the analysis from the original post below still holds. More on this topic soon.

I haven’t paid attention to the AT&T 4G LTE site for a few months, so I was surprised by a new twist in AT&T’s top-network data plans. If you want to use the snazzy portable Wi-Fi hotspot feature found in almost every new top of the line smartphone, you’ll have to throw down on the “DataPro 4GB” plan, a $45 per month data plan which includes 4 GB of downloadable data and access to the hotspot feature. Don’t want to buy the big plan? Then you aren’t going to be able to use the hotspot feature, according to an AT&T rep I just had an online chat with.

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DAS Mateo! Spotted in the Wild, a DAS Antenna From… AT&T?

January 14, 2012

A little weekend geekspotting: Driving down the road near my house Friday, what did I see but a DAS antenna staring down at me! Seriously, we have previously reported AT&T’s moves to put DAS — Distributed Antenna System, or smaller cell antennas — in and around Palo Alto, and then we saw one at an AT&T workyard near here. But this one is apparently live and in the public wild, theoretically improving local cell reception.

Anyone know if AT&T is working with San Mateo to put these puppies in? If you didn’t know what you were looking for I am not sure you’d notice this one, a single antenna plopped right on top of a light pole.