Sprint Announces Initial LTE Markets; Still Trailing Verizon, AT&T

January 6, 2012

The followers in the Long Term Evolution (LTE) market were active newsmakers this week, first with AT&T’s announcement of new live LTE markets, then with Sprint naming four of the 10 markets it plans to offer LTE in next year. Given that an LTE phone from either AT&T or Sprint is going to be severely limited in its first iterations (due to the limited live markets you could use it in), what is the point of the carriers making LTE noise so far in advance?

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Verizon’s Slow 4G LTE Takeup — Conversation Brewing Over at PC World

January 2, 2012

We did a blog post recapping our latest report for the good folks over at PC World and the conversation has started… some interesting takes and some not so much so, but check it out yourself and weigh in with an opinion, a take or a reason why.

I do like the comments about short battery life for the new LTE handsets, a problem that was predicted not so long ago when AT&T CTO John Donovan famously predicted that Verizon’s first LTE handsets would be fat bricks that chewed through battery power. Of course Donovan’s own company is now selling LTE handsets so I guess the bricks have been slimmed down some.

Since we put out the report Verizon has suffered a couple more LTE outages, so we could probably add in some network incompleteness to the reasons why more folks aren’t buying 4G LTE quite yet. Of course we had to be a bit brief in the PC World blog post but if you want more depth and breadth there is the full-featured report still available for only $1.99. Get yours today! We promise, we won’t run out of copies.

New Report: Learn Why Verizon’s 4G LTE Isn’t Selling Like the iPhone

December 23, 2011

Just in time for some holiday break reading we introduce the Sidecut Reports 4G LTE MARKET REPORT for January, 2012. In this thorough, 16-page packet of goodness we break down why Verizon’s shiny new 4G LTE network hasn’t attracted the same crowds of customers as that slow, poky, 3G device known as the iPhone. And here’s our gift to you: This report can be purchased now, from our site, for the low low cost of just $1.99. That’s right, for the same price as a bottle of Two-buck Chuck you can guzzle down a boatload of news and analysis guaranteed to bring you right up to speed on all the details of Verizon’s 4G LTE rollout, even if you haven’t really been paying attention. (In fact we suggest you spend $4 and get one of each, and drink one while you read the other. Now that’s getting in the holiday “spirit!”)

Included alongside our breakdown of Verizon’s year of LTE is insight into the fledgling LTE efforts of AT&T and Sprint Nextel, along with some predictions on how the LTE market in the U.S. will shake out over the critical first six months of 2012. Devices, prices, data plans, it’s all in here — so get your copy today!

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