Super Bowl to be Streamed Online by NBC

December 21, 2011

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In a huge decision that will no doubt increase the worldwide audience for the most-viewed live event, NBC will stream the Super Bowl online along with broadcasts of the network’s Wild Card playoff games and the NFL Pro Bowl, according to an Associated Press report. Users of Verizon Wireless’s NFL Mobile app will also have access to the games, along with additional camera views and in-game replays.

Forget college games — there’s no doubt that even with its already huge TV audience, the Super Bowl would likely become the most-viewed online sports event ever, even if it’s just on a laptop or phone in the bathroom of the house hosting the Super Bowl party. Though we haven’t yet been able to find any press releases from all the participating companies we are also betting that Verizon will use the Super Bowl access in a massive way to promote its NFL Mobile app, which it has been offering free of charge to new high-end cellphone customers. NFL Mobile users currently can watch NBC’s Sunday night games live, along with Thursday night NFL Network broadcasts and ESPN’s Monday Night Football games.

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Women’s Soccer League Hangs up on Borislow, MagicJack

November 1, 2011

Whenever Dan Borislow decides to write an autobiography, we’ll be first in line to buy the book — because his trek through life never ceases to be interesting. The enigmatic founder of the Voice over IP gizmo known as the MagicJack has now been kicked out of the women’s professional soccer league for, according to the league, an inability to play by the rules. Sound anything like the MagicJack we know in telecom?

In case you didn’t know it, Borislow bought a women’s soccer team and now uses its players like well known star Abby Wambach to promote the MagicJack. Here’s the Miami Herald coverage of the announcement. Here’s a good lengthy post from the sports blog Deadspin, which explains why the league may have taken its actions; and here’s a Palm Beach Post story that seems to believe that MagicJack is a reputable business even though the claims of $100 million in revenue seem mostly a figment of Borislow’s imagination.

We have a standing offer for Mr. Borislow to call and explain things MagicJack and soccer in greater detail… but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for him to answer. Even over a MagicJack link.

D.C.’s Verizon Center Gets New Wireless Network — From AT&T

October 19, 2011

Sidecut Reports readers know we’ve been following AT&T’s big push to promote Distributed Antenna System (DAS) deployments this year, but one announced today has to take the cake: Turns out that AT&T will be supplying the new in-building network at the stadium in Washington, D.C., known as… Verizon Center. Read the story by John Evan Frook at our sister site, Mobile Sports Report.