For the Record: Sidecut Reports is an Editorial Operation

April 29, 2008

While we ponder copying the solid long legal statements drafted by lawyers with good intentions for ethical reporter behavior, let’s just start simply and say, for the record, that Sidecut Reports is an Editorial Operation.

What does that mean? It means that all material in every report we sell is obtained through good old-fashioned reporting, by calling or contacting sources, asking them questions and writing down the answers. Then we do more research, reading, and thinking, for the analysis part.

That means no monetary influence from vendors, lobbyists, or other interest groups. No editorial reviews or approvals from vendors or sources interviewed for these reports. No outlandish gifts or paid-for trips by vendors, lobbyists or interest groups to gain “exclusive” interviews. No shady relationships with hidden “site sponsors” who hide behind astroturf fronts to publicize their agendas. All we ask our sources for is the same access given to other credible media types, and we’ll do the rest from there — with the loyal support of our readers, who will help pay for the quality journalism and analysis that such editorial freedom makes possible.

Like other editorial houses with impeccible ethical credos, Sidecut Reports does not own any stock, stock options, warrants, or even IOUs from any of the companies we cover. We’ll add more good ethical ideas to this post as we find them but for now we hope you get the idea.

One Less Sane Voice: We’ll Miss Russell Shaw

March 16, 2008

Allow me to add my condolences to the growing list of folks remembering blogger and journalist Russell Shaw, who passed away last week. For those of us who covered the sometimes arcane topics of telecommunications and public policy, Russell could always be counted on to not just stay on top of the news (often linking to other blogs without any ego), but to give his readers the type of analysis that moves the ball forward. Not as easy as it looks.

And while he was clearly on the side of innovation and openness, Russell didn’t pull any punches or stay silent when it came time to knock down silly ideas — here is just one post that shows clarity of thinking in the middle of an issue where it was easy to get lost in emotion. It will be a quieter news room at VON this week, with one less sane voice in the mix.

Back to Work! (thanks Andy)

January 13, 2008

Man, just when you thought you could take a break again here come the nice words of praise from Mr. VoIP himself, Andy Abramson. Sure, go ahead and point people to the new site when there’s nothing happening there! Nothing like a friendly kick in the pants to get ya blogging again.

If you’ve poked around here a bit you are probably getting the idea that Sidecut Reports will eventually be something more than blog posts about scoring sweet parking at the Palazzo to avoid the CES crowds (FYI, the parking worked Tuesday and Wednesday as well). You can stay tuned by subscribing to the RSS feed here, or you can shoot me an email to sidecutreports at gmail dot com and I will personally alert you to any major annoucements/news/sports predictions. (Still working on getting an email subscription list together; like the Palazzo, there are still guys wandering around Sidecut HQ with cordless drills but the doors are open so c’mon in.)

On the casual blogging front, I am interested to see what really happens this week at MacWorld; I find this report of a WiMAX-enabled MacBook hard to swallow, especially since Intel isn’t even promising WiMAX PC cards or chips until mid-summer at best. A better guess might be 3G inside, as others have suggested. Can’t wait to hear.

As Andy noted, I will also be continuing to pinch-hit in the GigaOM lineup for the near future, concentrating on matters telecom and policy so feel free to keep me updated about any news, announcements or rumors in that arena to that email address, sidecutreports (all one word) at gmail dot com.