Sidecut on MSNBC

May 5, 2010

Our 20 Questions on 4G piece for our friends at PC World is getting a lot of exposure — just saw this version over at MSNBC. Watch for some more Sidecut “road game” specials soon!

Sidecut On the Road: Read us at PC World, Light Reading

April 26, 2010

Been jonesing for a Sidecut fix, loyal readers? We promise a few more posts this week as we all ramp up our expectations and predictions for Clearwire’s Q1 earnings call next week. In the meantime, some Sidecut Reports “road game” appearances might interest you: Our first post over with the good folks at PC World, giving some 4G love with a basic whassup-with-4G-missive; and then our regular opinion showpiece over at Light Reading Mobile, where this week we look a little closer at interconnected devices, something we may hear more about from Clearwire on May 4.

Our thanks to the fine editors at both publications, for giving us an editorial soapbox away from the friendly blue confines of this site. Like we said, more this week (including a new report that we are busy putting the finishing touches on). So stay tuned for more WiMAX, LTE and 4G goodness!

Free Report: A Look Inside Clearwire’s Network

January 25, 2010

After a year of aggressive market launches across the U.S., Clearwire Corp. is becoming fairly well recognized for its pioneering use of the wireless broadband technology known as WiMAX, the “Wi-Fi on steroids” technology that allows providers like Clearwire to build “hotspots the size of a city.”

While WiMAX’s ability to provide broadband Internet access with cellular-like mobility is certainly the most recognizable attribute of Clearwire’s deployments, there is a lesser-known but just as important level of innovation taking place inside the company’s network, from the connections to the Internet’s core out through the radio towers and down to the end-user devices.

Those internal-network achievements, including Clearwire’s primary use of microwave for traffic “backhaul” and its open, Internet Protocol-based core infrastructure, are not only providing Clearwire with an instant competitive advantage, but are perhaps part of a burgeoning blueprint for next-generation service providers looking for ways to cut costs while providing bandwidth to a user base that is more demanding and more mobile with every passing day.

There’s no way to explain all the details of Clearwire’s network innovations in a simple blog post — but for the amazing cost of FREE, you can download our latest report, titled Inside Clearwire: A Network Report. Our latest deep-dive research and analysis provides a thorough explanation of the design of Clearwire’s internal networks, how different technologies affect its deployment, and how cost savings can be achieved by adhering to an open-Internet idea. Click here to download your free copy today!

What’s inside the “Inside Clearwire” report? Glad you asked. Here are some handy bullet points of what kind of info you will find inside:

– How Clearwire’s emphasis on using microwave backhaul gives it a cost-savings and flexibility of deployment edge over traditional wireline systems

– Why using an open-standards approach to infrastructure allows Clearwire to select “best of breed” suppliers and avoid monopoly lock-ins

– How Clearwire’s spectrum portfolio gives it room for future bandwidth demands while keeping tower-site expenditures to a minimum

– How Clearwire’s current network infrastructure decisions might lead to a more open environment for device and application development in the future

Click here to download your copy today!