Clearwire adds 1.5 Million Subs, Announces LTE Plans

The network given up for dead by many — Clearwire’s nascent national WiMAX wireless broadband network — added 1.54 million new subscribers during the second quarter, according to the numbers just released by the company. The big news from Clearwire today however is its formal announcement of plans to add Long Term Evolution (LTE) services to its network offerings — a move subject to additional funding — but one widely seen as inevitable given the overall industry consolidation around LTE as the future 4G standard.

Will Clearwire find new funding either from majority owner Sprint or from new seekers of spectrum to help it build out its planned superfast LTE network, which (like still-to-launch entrant LightSquared) will only offer services on a wholesale model? Stay tuned. More today after the conference call.

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