Samsung Verizon LTE Hotspot Spotted in the Wild in Orlando

It was shown at CES, but it hasn’t yet been made available — but the Samsung LTE Mobile hotspot is apparently making appearances in the wild, since the SSID list pulled up from our hotel room here in Orlando Sunday night saw the Verizon SCH-LC11 Samsung tag. Too bad it was locked, preventing us from doing some in-hotel wardriving to see if that LTE network is really as hot as folks say it is. C’mon Verizon insider! Share the wealth!

An availability announcement might be on tap this week — but it might get lost in the discussion of the week of CTIA that is already trending on Twitter as #ATTMobile. Sidecut Reports hadn’t been in Orlando more than 15 minutes before hearing barroom chatter about AT&T and T-Mobile while watching the end of the Kansas-Illinois game. The good thing is that while we were traveling many hard-working telco reporters were cranking out some great instant reporting and analysis. Links below. And if you have a working Samsung mobile hotspot, tell us how it performs!

GigaOM’s Stacey H with a straight news take w/Sprint comment

GigaOM’s Stacey again with a good regulatory/DOJ take

All Things D’s Ina Fried does a Q&A with AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega (who finally admits that his company has a spectrum depth problem and is willing to pay $39 billion to fix it)

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  1. MobileRuss Says:

    According to a recently leaked document from Verizon Wireless, the Novatel MiFi 4510 and the Samsung SCH-LC11 LTE Mobile Hotspots will both be released at VZW stores beginning Thursday, March 31st (a mere ten days from now).

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