AT&T’s $39 Billion Admission That Yeah, We Have a Spectrum Problem

Since Sidecut Reports is en route to Orlando today for the now supremely interesting CTIA show, this missive will be short but there is no small amount of news and analysis of AT&T’s stunning plan to acquire T-Mobile USA for $39 billion. (The best take we’ve seen so far not surprisingly comes from our old pal Om Malik who doesn’t see a happy future for the mobile ecosystem or customer base).

Though nobody can claim that they saw this particular move coming, readers of Sidecut Reports know that we have for a long time now pointed out that AT&T did not have a spectrum position that suggested it could build out a network worthy of the term 4G. And though over time AT&T executives have always professed nothing but confidence for their spectrum holdings, you don’t have to read very far into the interview Ina Fried had today with AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega to hear him cite “spectrum exhaust challenges” as a primary motivation for the deal.

Obviously we will write more about this proposed deal in the days ahead but we can’t help but wonder whether or not Clearwire’s spectrum holdings all of a sudden just got more valuable. And of course we also can’t wait to see the next T-Mobile TV commercial, and how the relationship between the T-Mobile girl and the AT&T guy might change.

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