Monday 4G News Roundup: AT&T Bashed, Capped and Tested

Just a quick roundup of some stories bound to be of interest to Sidecut readers. First up is a fairly well thought out bashing of AT&T’s so-called 4G rollout, from Sascha Segan at PC Mag. (Gotta love the lede: “AT&T is lying about 4G. Shamelessly.”) While we wondered why AT&T was practically silent about its “4G” coverage map debut, now it appears the muted PR was due to the fact that even if there is a 4G network, the 4G phones are being disabled. You’ve got to kind of agree with Segan — this is really no way to launch a campaign.

DATA CAPS COMING FOR AT&T DSL, U-VERSE CUSTOMERS: An exclusive from Karl Bode at DSL Reports unearthed AT&T’s plans to introduce data caps and overage fees for its DSL and U-Verse broadband customers. Not really wireless but since in the end it is all the same network this is an important story to follow.

PC WORLD TESTS 4G PROVIDERS: Our good pal Mark Sullivan over at PC World teamed with the folks at Novarum to do some testing of 4G services across the country. While we like stats in any shape or form we are not sure the final conclusions are bulletproof, since the “average” totals include tests from markets where not all the providers have a 4G service operating, so those 3G speeds brought down some of the final total calculations. (And since AT&T’s 4G services aren’t apparently very live it’s questionable how much this is a cross-provider 4G test since 4G really isn’t available everywhere from everyone.) Still, the numbers are fun to look at especially in city comparisons.

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