Craig McCaw Resigning as Clearwire Chairman

We are still digging up details and background but according to several reports including this story from Bloomberg Businessweek legendary cellular pioneer Craig McCaw is set to resign as chairman of Clearwire on Friday.

Just pure guessing (and no inside information) would lead us to surmise that some significant transfer of power (and a likely infusion of new funding) is happening at the top of Clearwire, and whatever that is, perhaps those who are bringing the new money in don’t want the heavy presence of McCaw around? We are still waiting to hear the reasons behind Sprint’s recent board nominations of some industry heavyweights including longtime telephony leader Hossein Eslambolchi, and maybe this is part of the machinations. In the meantime, here’s some video of Craig McCaw talking about Clearwire at a CTIA show a while back. Watch this space for more info Friday!

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