Sidecut’s Take on the ‘State of 4G’ for PC World

Sidecut Reports was present and accounted for at 4G World in Chicago this week, making the rounds and doing a “state of the state of 4G” type report for PC World, which you can read here. Thanks to the wonderful PC World editing crew for making sure it’s all wheat, no chaff. PS: All the bad photos should also say “Credit: Sidecut Reports.” Like, who else would want to claim ‘em? :-)

Our favorite bits from the show: The Clearwire video that showed the interface getting maxxed out — apparently it couldn’t go fast enough to keep up with the Clearwire 2XLTE (or is it LTE2X?) test speeds of 90 Mbps-plus. Now there’s a network that goes to 11. We also liked T-Mobile getting cheeky about calling its HSPA+ network “a 4G experience.” Time to get some gear and do some T-Mobile testing vs. the competition! Game on, lads!

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