4G Wrapup: Clearwire Prepaid, MetroPCS LTE, Verizon ‘Cloud’ Ads

Before we take a little end-of-summer break here at Sidecut Reports, a quick recap of some of the 4G news breaking this week:

CLEARWIRE’S MYSTERY MARKET REVEALED: Credit to the always-digging Tricia Duryee at mocoNews.net for uncovering an SEC document that shed some more light on Clearwire’s announced announcement next week. Of course yours truly speculated somewhat correctly when asked earlier about the pending news. Still would like to hear more about Clearwire’s WiMAX phones, though!

METROPCS LTE COMING IN SEPTEMBER? That is the word on the street, with services in Las Vegas and perhaps Dallas/Fort Worth, according to various reports. Without pricing and data-cap information, however, it’s hard to get too excited about any LTE plans or try to compare them to the WiMAX-based 4G services now being sold by Clearwire, Sprint and partners. Still, the more 4G the better, we say!

VERIZON’S POCKETSPOT ADS — GOOD! Caught some of the new Verizon TV ads this week, specifically the ones touting the “pocketspot” capabilities of the new Droid phones from Big Red. While you could quibble about how fast five people might use up the 5 Gb monthly limit on Verizon 3G data plans, the ads are well done and explain the Wi-Fi “cloud” feature very well with some special-effects cloud magic. Just a small hint of what could be forthcoming in the way of 4G marketing from a company with admirable assets in that department.

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