Sprint: Second WiMAX Phone Available Aug. 31

Pricing and availability details for the second WiMAX phone under the Sprint 4G banner were announced late Wednesday, when the company said that the previously announced Samsung Epic 4G would be available Aug. 31, for $249 after rebates.

Service pricing plans for the Epic 4G are the same as those for the first WiMAX phone, the HTC EVO 4G, which went on sale in June: Sprint will tack on an extra $10 per month for the 4G WiMAX connectivity whether it’s used or not, and will allow the phone to be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot (for up to five additional devices) for another $29.99 per month, same as for the EVO.

In an interesting retail twist, Sprint is letting potential customers “reserve” the device online on Aug. 13, with the ability to complete the transaction at a nearby store on or after Aug. 31. More details on this plan as we hear ‘em.

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