Verizon’s Lynch: LTE Going Live in Q4

Verizon chief technical officer Dick Lynch is an excited guy, and why not: Thursday he helped announce the groundbreaking for a new Long Term Evolution (LTE) Innovation center in the Boston area, while also confirming that the company is still on track to launch LTE services in 25 to 30 markets, sometime in the last three months of 2010.

In a quick phone conversation from the innovation center launch festivities in Waltham, Mass., Lynch said that Verizon’s LTE testing in Boston and Seattle is now complete, and that the company will test systems with friendly users (usually company employees and other partners) during the third quarter of 2010. “In the fourth quarter, we’ll be turning on [commercial] markets as planned,” Lynch said, confirming that the stated goal of 25 to 30 markets covering a population of 100 million people is still the target Verizon intends to hit. To our knowledge, this is the first time Verizon has publicly stated exactly when LTE services might be available.

The innovation center, a 60,000-square foot three-story planned addition to Verizon’s existing facilities in Waltham, will help Verizon help potential LTE startups, Lynch said, by allowing them to learn and collaborate with Verizon’s telecom engineers and software experts.

“When you look at the capabilities of LTE, there are a lot of non-traditional applications and devices that might want to be part of the network,” Lynch said. The innovation center, he said, could “be a catalyst to help people who have never been in the [wireless] business.”

The innovation center (artist rendering below) is expected to be completed in 2011, according to Verizon. For interested application and device developers, it might be a good place to go to learn some tips and tricks about wireless networking, like how to write your application so it doesn’t completely drain the wireless network, a problem that AT&T had with some Apple iPhone uses.

(Artist image of planned LTE Innovation Center; credit: Verizon Wireless)

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  4. wisertwin Says:

    Pretty slippery. LOL. From the quoted words of Mr. Lynch, we can tell that some markets (exact number unknown) will go on line in the fourth quarter, and that he still intends to hit the original goal of launching 25-30markets in that quarter.

    Intention is probably not going to cut it with the high hope already floating around. The real question is, with what degree of certainty he knows he’s going to succeed.


  5. wisertwin Says:

    The biggest irony in this 4G “arms race” among wireless telcos is that regardless of who wins, the technology makes charging for BOTH voice AND data ridiculous. After all, voice will be just another type of data. SIP phones based on VoIP are already gaining popularity amount tech savvy users, even though the latency and speed in 3G network are less than perfect. Just imagine what happens when 4G reaches its potential. That means a big chunk of the telco’s revenue stream will be gone for good. Better yet, users will get used to Sprint’s unlimited data real fast—that is, no more data overage charges.

  6. Paul Says:

    @wisertwin I have to agree… surprised we haven’t seen someone throw a WiMAX Skype phone out there. Why not give it a try?

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