AT&T’s Donovan: Verizon’s Early LTE Device a ‘Fat Brick’

Just in time for CTIA, we have a money quote to kick off the you’re-too-early-with-LTE war we had foreseen between AT&T and Verizon. This time, Ma Bell delivers the first kick in the shins, courtesy of an interview with AT&T chief technical officer John Donovan, who told the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) that Verizon’s implemenatation of Long Term Evolution services was outpacing the production of decent devices, and would result in Verizon having to go to market with combo 3G/4G handsets that might be better suited to grout. From the WSJ story:

“Right out of the chute, it’s going to be difficult to engineer,” Mr. Donovan said of the first LTE handsets. “It’s going to drain the battery like crazy, and it’s going to be a fat brick.”

So much for the LTE kumbaya! This is more like it, and certainly more fun.

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