Comcast’s Waz: No ‘Broadband Battle’ over Plan

Here’s a good blog post from Comcast’s lead legal honcho Joe Waz, saying that Comcast doesn’t think there’s going to be a big stink raised by the big service providers (his company included) over the forthcoming National Broadband Plan — basically disagreeing with the take on the subject in a New York Times story from earlier this weekend.

I agree here with Joe — in talks with folks around the telco-sphere the last few weeks, it seems like Julius Genachowski, along with Blair Levin and his BBPlan troops at the FCC have done a good job of “highlighting” what’s going to be in the plan with a series of well-timed and well-thought-out news releases the past few weeks.

With few surprises left for Tuesday, when the plan will be formally announced, everyone involved on all sides has now had time to set their own strategies and have their own troops ready to march when the gun sounds for what will surely be a big marathon of political and technological tussling, one that some think will put the mud-wrestling over the 1996 Telecom Act to shame.

But maybe not, according to Comcast’s Waz, who despite sticking to the big carriers’ “no net neutrality” line (the code word for the big carriers this time around is “private investment in broadband” — meaning, that if there are net neutrality rules the private investments will dry up), does see many ways that previously warring entities can work together, with the end goal of making more broadband available. As Joe says near the end of his missive:

And if there’s going to be a “battle,” I think it should – and will – be focused on accomplishing the things on which we should all be on the same side: promoting more private investment in broadband, getting more Americans connected to broadband, and making the most of broadband as a nation to advance our economy and our society.

How’s that song go? Two out of three ain’t bad?

Stay tuned for more on the Broadband Plan this week!

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