GigaOM Interviews Clearwire’s Mike Sievert

Good video interview with Clearwire’s chief communications officer Mike Sievert over at GigaOM today, with some good stuff about WiMAX smartphones and Clearwire’s network. This accompanies a post on the GigaOM site today where Stacey Higginbotham does a good job of breaking down Clearwire’s spectrum advantage over its soon-to-be competitors AT&T and Verizon.

(Our only quibble with the GigaOM post is an assertion that Clearwire only has 30 MHz chunks of spectrum to deploy WiMAX; think there may have been some confusion, because what Clearwire is doing is deploying spectrum in 10 MHz “channels,” usually in groups of three channels per antenna since that provides the best coverage/interference avoidance method of deployment. So while Clearwire is starting out by deploying 30 MHz (3 x10 MHz channels) in its initial deployments, in reality Clearwire can keep adding 10 MHz channels up to its spectral limit of 120 MHz or 150 MHz, as network demands increase. For a more detailed explanation of Clearwire’s network, download our free report and geek out on backhaul and channel topics.)

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