Clearwire: Our Customers Use 7 Gigs Per Month

There was plenty of insider-baseball info relayed Tuesday at the Clearwire Developer confab in Santa Clara, much of which we will try to wrap into our next Clearwire NTK report (coming soon). But one factoid that jumped out was when Dow Draper, Clearwire Vice President for product development and innovation, told the audience that the average Clearwire customer is already using 7 Gigabytes of downloaded data per month — a number that Clearwire only expects to increase over time.

All on good behavior, the Clearwire folks here Tuesday didn’t let any previously unannounced info slip — other than to say vaguely that the Bay Area can expect commercial services by “late 2010,” and that “multiple phones” would be running on the Clearwire network before year’s end. As we said, more details soon when we get our next Clearwire NTK (Need To Know) report out the door.

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