Sprint’s New Hybrid Pocketspot… In the Wild at CES?

Reading this post at the usually reliable Engadget blog, we are pretty well convinced that a hybrid pocketspot might be the big news Sprint is teeing up next week at CES. Unlike some other folks, who seem convinced a WiMAX phone is in the offing, we’re much more bullish on the WiMAX/EVDO pocketspot (aka mobile router) product being a reality, in no small part because it’s an easier thing to build.

And after all.. the Sprint invite sent out to press and analysts in early December talked about the event being the “hottest spot in Vegas” or some such construction. Why go through such prosaic leaps if you were just announcing a phone? Sounds like a new pocketspot to us, an idea we thought about earlier this month. (Yes, we have been long early on both pocketspots and hybrid plans. Looks like that call was a good one.)

Whatever happens at the Sprint event next week, we’ll be there, and let you know when it happens… but we aren’t banking on using a WiMAX phone to make the call.

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