Could the GooglePhone be a WiMAX Device?

Nothing like a fun rumor to keep things cooking during the normally dormant holiday season: Hearing more about the rumored “Google Phone,” which TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington now says might be a “data only, VoIP driven device,” and thinking that it sounds like something built for WiMAX, especially so since Google is after all still a major investor in WiMAX provider Clearwire.

Though Google did not participate in the latest funding round for Clearwire, we’ve been waiting for the Android shoe to drop into the WiMAX market — and it would seem to make sense that a Google-produced device with WiMAX support might be the way the search giant helps “fund” the Clearwire buildout, by paying itself to put WiMAX connectivity into the device.

Increased data consumption, over-the-top VoIP, and lotsa video — sounds like a prescription that calls for a beefy connection like WiMAX on the back end. For the slow-to-grow Clearwire network, a new cool device like a GooglePhone would be just what the doctor ordered.

UPDATE: Tricia Duryee at mocoNews thinks the way we do. And we agree: Things could get a lot more interesting!

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