Xohm Becomes Clear on Dec. 2

Take heart, brave customers of the WiMAX brand known as Xohm — for on Dec. 2 of this year, your service will be switched over to Clearwire’s Clear WiMAX service, at what appears to be no extra cost to current Xohm customers.

While we may hear more official news about the cutover during this afternoon’s quarterly earnings call, Clearwire has already started sending emails to current Xohm customers in the Baltimore area, telling them to act now to get a free new modem and/or a software upgrade so that they can connect to the new Clear network that is about to go online. From an email sent to us by a loyal Sidecut tipster, Clearwire said in part:

On December 2, we’ll flip the switch. On that day, simply follow the instructions that ship with your new modem and software, and you’ll be online surfing in no time. No service interruptions. Your bill will remain the same, and you won’t be charged a thing for the new modem and software.

Sounds like a happy ending for the star-crossed initial implementation of mobile WiMAX in the U.S. Now, for the execution… always the hard part.

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