Why Our Reports are $4.95 — So You Can Read ‘em on Your iPhone

When we reduced the price of our research reports to $4.95 earlier this year, many folks told me I was crazy — crazy to give away good, thorough research, crazy to devalue work that was possibly worth hundreds of dollars, especially to those interested in the focused areas we cover.

Well — call it an epiphany, but over the past few months I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people reading things on their iPhones, either while traveling, commuting, or just during down times of life in general. Apparently it is somewhat of a trend, even though it’s a pain to scroll through long texts and the screen isn’t very big. But — when you have some time to kill, what else are you going to do? How many levels of Peggle can you play before you feel like a fool for wasting time on a game?

Better, perhaps, to get some work done — or at the very least, catch up on some reading. That is why we here at Sidecut Reports are trying to make it easier for you to get the very latest of our deep-dive research and analysis on all things 4G, starting with our Clearwire NTK (need to know) series, quarterly reports that are just about at 3,000 words each, priced at $4.95. So — for about the price of a Venti Latte, you get an update on all things WiMAX that you can carry around in your laptop, or on your iPhone. We have a bunch of our stuff up on Amazon now, with more coming soon.

To me, it’s all about giving people as many ways as we can for them to consume our content. Ideas, suggestions for improvement, or offers of a way to make Sidecut Reports the next iPhone app — we’re all ears here!

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