Xohm, Going Down for the Count

After a little over a year, the first big market in the U.S. to get mobile WiMAX services is going offline, probably for a month or so, something that was predicted and that we talked about a couple weeks ago. Just because we care… looks like the Xohm website is now only open to registered users, or the few and brave who already bought WiMAX services in Baltimore.

Still no word from Clearwire folks who last week nailed down most of the remaining 2009 launch schedule without adding any details about when the good folks in Baltimore can expect to see Clear services replacing Xohm. Guessing we may hear more this week at the Sprint developer conference right here in Sillycon Valley, so we will let you know what we hear.

UPDATE, 10/27/09: At the Sprint Open Developers Conference today we saw a market-launches slide with Baltimore in the 2010 column. Don’t look good, Baltimore!

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