Clearwire: WiMAX for Chicago, Dallas in November

If you were wondering just exactly when Clearwire was going to start selling WiMAX services in the remaining cities the provider promised would launch in 2009, wonder no more — today the company announced some more-firm plans for delivery, which include November launches for Chicago and Dallas, and a December launch for Seattle.

Here are the official company press releases, one which talks about companion services offered through both Sprint and Comcast, and another that details Sprint and Clearwire plans only. A quick list is below:

Markets Clearwire Will Launch in November:
– Philadelphia (actually already selling services there)
– Chicago
– Dallas/Fort Worth
– San Antonio
– Charlotte, N.C.
– Greensboro, N.C.
– Raleigh, N.C.

December Launches:
– Seattle
– Honolulu
– Maui, Hawaii

Let it be known that we will volunteer to test the Maui service when it launches… anyone willing to sponsor our “fact-finding” trip? :-)

No word yet on when Clearwire will officially retire the Xohm operations in Baltimore and start selling Clear services there. But if it happens before the end of the year, then Clearwire will get to its planned 25 new markets for 2009.

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