Even Verizon’s Laughing at AT&T’s 3G Woes

Putting aside my continuing beef against Verizon for its unwillingness to actually give specifics about its network deployments, you have to like the thinking behind Verizon’s smackdown of AT&T over the latter’s somewhat spotty 3G network coverage. The campaign’s TV commercial (ubiquitous company-approved YouTube “pirate” version below), though, could have taken even a deeper dig at Ma Bell — had I been directing, I would have cast a Seth the Blogger Guy lookalike as the poor sap trying to watch video on AT&T’s 3G network.

The betting line here says that Verizon still won’t want to provide the FCC with exact details about where exactly 3G service is available under that spiffy red map — but let’s save that debate for later, and enjoy some titan-to-titan smackdown for now.

For those who missed it before, an encore of Seth the blogger guy. Who is really a PR guy.

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