Clearwire Launches WiMAX in Philadelphia

Just like in the real baseball world, Philadelphia stuck it to Chicago again Thursday — the very night the Phillies clinched the NL East (while the Cubs lost a doubleheader dooming any longshot chances), Clearwire updated its coverage maps to show that — ta da! — the city of brotherly love had beaten Chicago and Dallas/Fort Worth to the launch line as the first “big” metro area to get Clearwire’s WiMAX services.

Sporting a new, clean (clear?) look to its website — with a front page topped by the extension of its half-off pricing promotion — Clearwire has entered the fourth fiscal quarter of 2009 with a bang, rolling into Philadelphia somewhat unexpectedly, at least to us so-called Clearwire know-it-alls who had predicted Dallas or Chicago would be the first big market after Atlanta to go live. (Hey at least I don’t have to buy Dan Jones a beer now!) From the looks of its new spiffy maps, Chicago and DFW will go live soon, since on one iteration Chicago appears as a “live” dot (but on the detailed map it says coming soon).

With the benefit of hindsight, it’s an easy guess as to why Philadelphia got moved up on the launch schedule — it is, after all, the corporate home town of Clearwire’s best reseller and investor buddy, Comcast. (Too bad it looks like the idea of Comcast having NBC content to push over WiMAX aren’t true.) Rumors and speculation aside, what is becoming clear is that Clearwire is doing a good job of following through on its 4G deployment schedule, even as its so-called bigger-pocket competitors like AT&T scale back on their wireless ambitions.

Verizon, for its part, is publicly still saying that it will launch its Long Term Evolution (LTE) services in test mode before the end of the year, but good luck getting anyone from Big Red to talk about LTE at next week’s CTIA show in San Diego — according to a PR rep from Verizon that we spoke to Wednesday, there won’t be anyone from the company speaking publicly about LTE at CTIA. Guess that means Clearwire, for now, has the 2009 4G postseason to itself in the U.S.

(Big Philly map from Clearwire below, along with the new nationwide map from the site. They really should make these embeddable!)

UPDATE: Looks like the Clearwire corporate site got a makeover too. We’ll miss that old yeller site but apparently the company is (finally!) declaring its pre-WiMAX days are over…

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  5. Jeffrey Black Says:

    I live in the University City section of Philadelphia and received my “home” Clear modem on 10/20. I was hoping that Clear would be faster than my current DSL connect which is quite poor and would avoid the need for me to obtain a cable modem from evil Comcast.

    However, with the Clear service (the highest speed they are currently offering in Philadelphia- 6m down/ 1m up)offer), I have not been able to obtain a signal strength of more than 2 consistent bars (lights), and the download and upload speeds have been lousy — 1.2 to 2.8m down, and .08 to .42m up.

    I have been on the phone with tech support three separate times. Although they advised that they are investigating and were willing to extend my trial period for an additional 7 days, they have not been able to determine whether there is actually a problem with connection to the network, or whether my house is just in a “dead” zone.

    I was hoping that the Clear service would deliver the promised speeds (6 down/ 1 up), but to date, I have been very disappointed.

  6. MSD Says:

    Run, don’t stop or hesitate. Clear Wimax is the BEST THING TO HAPPEN SINCE THE INTERNET! It’s fast, it’s inexpensive and it’s absolutely the perfect alternative to the plans that are offered from Comcast and Verizon. I say this because I have the modem and a USB modem and I purchased a Clear personal hotspot. That said, I don’t have cable television…I know poor me. However, I have the computer and can stream videos with Netflix and HULU and also have a VUDU box, now owned by Walmart. It’s perfect, runs perfectly and not expensive. Get it online, get it from a retailer, just GET IT! I’m actually a customer. I don’t work for Clearwire and I’m not invested in the company…Not yet at least. :) Enjoy the service once you get it. It’s a no brainer to hook it up. Customer service is excellent and I’ve never had one issue. Not one! A Clearwire fan!

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