Andy to Clearwire: Make it Free to Try

Good post from our pal Andy Abramson today about some of the challenges Clearwire is facing in getting folks to notice, test and try out its nascent wireless service — and why they should make some more free options available for those unfamiliar with WiMAX. (Of course, I agree that prices should be lower.)

Though I am not entirely convinced that Clearwire is to blame for all its users’ woes, they ignore the complaints at their own peril, because once a bitch-meme gets started it’s hard to untrack. With all the social media tools at Clearwire’s disposal, why not do what Andy suggest and get the users involved — say a Wiki/Google Maps mashup where folks can enter their location and report a service speed? Then implement a roving user-crisis testing team that can go out and test the location, and either figure out what is wrong or call BS on the complaint.

Free marketing advice, always worth what you pay for it. But with wireless users of all stripes becoming more savvy about measuring what they get (or don’t get) you can either address the problem, or become next in line behind AT&T as it tries to explain why your iPhone can’t connect.

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