‘Seth the Blogger Guy’ Explains AT&T’s Network Problems. Really.

In a performance that is insulting to intelligent people on so many levels, AT&T has released a YouTube video that attempts to put a positive spin on its iPhone-related network problems. And just to make sure it was hip, cool and in-line with the medium, AT&T trots out some bozo who calls himself “Seth the Blogger guy” — whoa, dude, you won me over with your total street cred! Look, confused hair, a little no-shave shadow, a button-down bowling shirt with a t-shirt underneath and nerdy glasses — Seth MUST be one of those blogger guys who knows about all this networking stuff!

So instead of real answers about A) How much spectrum AT&T actually has, B) How much it can actually use to support iPhone customers, C) Why the company sold so many iPhones that it overloaded its network, and D) When actual improvements in the way of more spectrum purchases, leases or other arrangements might be forthcoming, you get… Seth. And some talk about highways and the billions AT&T is spending. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Karl over at DSL Reports is tracking the response to the video, with sentiment weighing mainly against AT&T.

4 Responses to “‘Seth the Blogger Guy’ Explains AT&T’s Network Problems. Really.”

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    […] world’s massive consumer drift away from voice in favor of data and mobile applications. With AT&T struggling publicly in its attempts to keep iPhone 3G users connected, what better and simpler way could there be to […]

  2. Ben Says:

    MediaCurves.com just conducted a study on 601 mobile phone users viewing the recent YouTube video posted by AT&T which addresses common issues with the iPhone. Results showed that the majority (92%) reported that the video helped the phone carrier. The study also found that the majority (87%) of viewers reported the YouTube video was effective but that the video had no affect on favorability ratings for AT&T or the iPhone. More in-depth results can be seen at:

  3. Paul Says:

    So Ben what your research shows is that AT&T’s massive advertising and PR fools most of the people some of the time?

  4. Unstrung - Kaps Korner - This Week in WiMax Says:

    […] downside is the ongoing public-relations hit AT&T is taking for its problems in trying to keep all those users happy, an issue so prevalent that […]

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