FCC Chair Genachowski Speaks — To Om

If you needed any more evidence that this isn’t your grandfather’s FCC, look no farther than this great one-on-one interview between my old boss Om Malik and new FCC chairman Julius Genachowski.

Though Genachowski dances a bit around Om’s pointed questions that is understandable, since he hasn’t been chairman long enough to get much of anything done. But the simple fact that this chairman is reaching out to individual, influential voices in the blogosphere means that the door is now open to let telecom policy makers and regulators hear what’s being said and what’s being thought outside the insular walls of Washington D.C.

The money quote from Genachowski: “we [the FCC under Genachowski] want to be fact-based and data-driven.” Knowing as we do that our good friend Blair Levin is leading the FCC’s development of a new overall national broadband plan (which, we have been told, will probably be more far-reaching and influential than the historic 1996 Telecom Act), it’s pretty easy to guess that whatever happens going forward is going to have to pass the tests of openness and public scrutiny — a far better way to make sausage, as our pal Harold Feld might say, than previous regimes. And that is change we can believe in, from a telecom policy point of view.

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