And the Net Neutrality Battle of 2009… Is Officially On

As we predicted last year, 2009 was shaping up to be a year when Net Neutrality or related telecom regulatory topics entered a “Phase II” of its existence. It has taken a little while for the Obama administration to get its team assembled, but now with the FCC back to full strength, apparently it is time to let the games begin.

Though Congress is entering a recess, Net Neutrality influencer Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., fired his promised legislative shot, a new net neutrality bill. And FCC chairman Julius Genachowski isn’t wasting time sitting around, instead actively looking into the whole iPhone/Google Voice blocking mess. A little slow out of the blocks perhaps, but the Battle of 2009 seems to be underway.

Need to catch up on the basics? Download our net neutrality report, it’s free! And look for a new net neutrality influencers list in the next week or so.

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