The March of the PocketSpots, Cont’d.

Novatel Wireless, makers of the MiFi portable hotspot — AKA a PocketSpot — have announced a version of their device for GSM-flavored data networks, meaning T-Mobile and AT&T users should soon be able to participate in the unwired router fun that Verizon, Sprint and Clearwire now offer for on-the-go use.

Only problem with the latest version of the MiFi — no carrier has the high-speed HSPA networks running yet to support the higher speeds. Just like those wanting to use the “S” on their new iPhone 3Gs, you will have to wait for Ma Bell to get them towers up and running. (No announcement from either carrier yet about availability, but start the clock now.) As the guys at JKontherun note, this new version might be more appealing to corporate IT departments since it contains some on-board processing and storage to allow for custom applications, or integration with corporate communications policy. Good thinking, there.

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